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If you’re like most people, you’re probably a little surprised to find out that many whiskey distillers are now allowing the general public to purchase hand-picked barrels of bourbon. Usually sold to customers for use in large gatherings or events, or perhaps as to give away as extravagant gifts, the practice is anything but standard yet. This offering has recently made pilgrimages to bourbon country, a.k.a. Kentucky, a must-do for the hardcore whiskey enthusiast. How can you go about buying a barrel of bourbon? The process is complicated and expensive.

The Basics

For starters, the massive 500-pound barrel that you’re thinking of is not what’s for sale. For individuals, the barrel will be much closer to 50 pounds, and it won’t be dropped off at your door the same way a beer store drops off a keg for a party.

The average distiller offering barrels is going to require that you make an appointment at their location and come there in person. Depending on what they are offering to the public, you will most likely have a tasting on the premises. The, you’ll make the decision to place the order. This is the part that gets tricky. Not only does the average barrel sell between $6,000 to $11,000, but you’re going to need a liquor license or know someone who does who can accompany you to the distiller. Either way, this part of the process complicates things for the average consumer even if you can afford to purchase that much bourbon for private consumption.

Getting the Goods

If everything goes well and you successfully obtain a barrel, there are still other factors to deal with. First, delivery of the barrel to your home will not occur immediately. For the average distiller, this process will take in the ballpark of 60 days. Also, you won’t be getting your whiskey in the barrel. The package that arrives at your door will contain the contents of the barrel in individual bottles. You get the barrel the liquor came in as an additional gift. If you’re wondering if you can put the bourbon back in the barrel, that’s your decision as the proud owner of the contents, although it’s fair to say this practice would not be advised by the distiller as you are mostly not a liquor and bottling professional.

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