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Rum drinks don’t have to be complicated to be good. Many people have all the ingredients on hand to make a great rum cocktail. So, when you purchase liquor in Buford, GA, all you have to buy is rum! What’s holding you back? Try these simple but great cocktails this weekend.

Cuba Libre

Take a little spiced rum, a can of cola, the juice of a lime, and there you have it—the Cuba Libre. A simple, tropical twist on an old standard. You might be surprised at how much the lime dresses up this drink.

The Lounge Lizard

Again, start with a base of rum and cola, but instead of lime, add a shot of amaretto. Such a simple change adds a level of smoothness that will knock your socks off and impress the guests. Add a maraschino cherry for garnish.

The Bishop

Got some substandard red wine hanging around the house? Pour a few ounces and add a shot of excellent rum to it. Two ounces of wine to one ounce of rum will do fine. Add simple syrup to taste, a few ice cubes, and a slice of lemon, and you have a little bit of heaven in a glass. No wonder they call it The Bishop. The sweet and sour combination is a great way to salvage an otherwise lousy bottle of wine.

Dark and Stormy

This one always makes the simple list. It also makes the delicious list! Dark rum meets ginger beer over ice and the result is stunning. It is a classic drink for any occasion.

Classic Daiquiri

Forget all the pre-mixed stuff and complicated frozen recipes. A real classic daiquiri is made fresh with only light rum, lime juice, and simple syrup. Try it and the simplicity and great flavor will win you over.

Easy Rum Punch

Two ounces of orange juice, two ounces of pineapple juice, and two ounces of rum is all it takes to make a great rum punch that is so easy, you can make it any time you like.

Rum and Coco

A couple ounces of light rum and coconut water in a chilled glass is all it takes to make this one. It will give you the feeling of a day at the beach without ever leaving home!

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