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Over the past few decades, the United States has witnessed an absolute explosion of craft brews. There has been no less of a push for craft beer in Dahlonega, GA. There is a reason that you see new brews popping up all over the place. They are great! If they weren’t, would the big boys be doing things like launching brewing contests to come up with microbrew knockoffs? They know that craft beer is going to take over the market and here are the reasons why.

Craft Brews Rules Overseas

In countries like Germany that know their beer, craft brews are the norm. Every decent-sized town has its own brewery. They weren’t fooled into thinking that watered-down, mass produced brews are actually good. Take a tip from a country whose name is synonymous with Octoberfest—make sure the brew in your stein is from a craft brewery that understands what beer is all about.

Craft Brews Ruled Here

Craft brews used to be the standard in the United States. Before brewers learned to transport it long distances, beer was made in small batches and transported regionally. Yuengling is a great example. Although well known today, it started has a regional brewery.


Sure, you could continue to drink mass-produced beer. Or, you could simply tilt your mouth open toward the sky the next time it rains. It’s pretty much what it will taste like to once you compare it to a great craft brew. Even before that great microbrew hits your tongue, you’ll sense something is different as the aroma hits wafts up. The flavor will be bold. It will be intriguing. You will know you have your hands on something great that was created with care and attention.

Happy Wallet, Happy Belly

Yes, most craft brews cost more than most mass-produced beers. Yes, most craft brews contain more calories per ounce than their big-time brew rivals. The thing is, you can drink less craft beer because the flavor is there. Let’s face it, most of the folks you see drinking light beers don’t seem to be on a weight loss plan. That’s because they have to drink several of the tasteless brews to get the same alcohol and flavor the craft brews provide. Try it yourself. You’ll probably find yourself drinking less and enjoying your beer more. Better flavor means less consumption and less money. It’s a no-brainer!

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