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The holidays are on their way, so it’s time to start putting serious thought into how you will host your next party. Nearly all adults will expect great beverages at your party, including the best craft beer you can get. Where do you find local craft beer in Dawsonville, GA? Also, what else should go in your holiday bar besides a bucket of beer? What type of holiday bar actually impresses your guests and makes you look like a pro? Here’s what you need to know.

The Guest List

In order to stock your bar properly, you need a good estimate of how many guests you’ll be expecting. According to the style specialists at Marie Claire, you should estimate that each of your guests will drink 2 drinks during their first hour at your party, then 1 per hour for every consecutive hour. They also suggest that about 1/3 of guests will crave beer, 1/3 will hope for wine, and 1/3 will be ready for hard liquor.

Bar Essentials

You should stock your bar with a variety of tumblers. Tumblers are versatile enough for virtually any type of beverage. Shot glasses are another essential. Be sure to have a corkscrew and bottle opener. If you plan on serving cocktails, a muddler, shaker, strainer, and cocktail stirrer are recommended.

Beyond the beverage essentials, you should provide mixers, including orange juice, lemon or lime juice, cranberry juice, soda, and ginger ale. Sweet and sour mix, simple syrup, and tonic water will take your cocktail options to the next level. You should also provide 1 pound of ice per person in a swanky bucket.

Drink Options

Now for the good stuff. You should first provide a variety of craft beer. This is enough to serve the trendiest and most relaxed of guests. Provide both white and red wine (at least one dry, one sweet), as well as liquor. Vodka, whiskey, and rum are enough to make some of the most commonly requested party cocktails. Are some of your guests teetotalers? Juice, soda, and ginger ale are available for them.

Now that you know what to provide, start by shopping for the most important item first: local craft beer in Dawsonville, GA.

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