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BBQs are a great excuse to bust out the grill, put out platefuls of chips and dip, charbroil different types of meat, and pull chilled beer out of your fridge. Coordinate the flavors in your BBQ food menu with these beers to round out your meals’ flavors and give your guests some amazing beer pairings to talk about.

When it comes to choosing a drink to go with a juicy, charbroiled cheeseburger, smoked porters and rauchbiers have the woody and deep flavors to enhance your grilled meal. Porters are smooth and velvety, and the smoked varieties provide a little bit of bitterness to round off any cheeseburger’s classic savory and salty profile. Rauchbiers are smoked beers from Germany that get their flavor from roasting barley over an open flame. Both of these options will kick up the classic grilled flavor of your summer meal.

IPAs are hoppy and usually have a strong citrus flavor profile. These make them perfect for pairing with chicken marinated in herbs and citrus fruits. Rounding off the spicy, tangy, and smoky flavors from the grill with a hint of beer bitterness will make your meal delicious.

German ales are malty and fresh. They pair well with the BBQ food of choice from Deutschland, sausage and sauerkraut. Make sure to pick up some spicy mustard and your favorite kind of ketchup to go with this delicious food and beer combination.

With three locations and numerous personalized services for our customers, Jax Fine Wine & Spirits is the top choice for liquor in the areas around Braselton and Cumming, Georgia. Our inventory has a record number of wines, beers, and spirits, so you can find something for every event. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, one of our specialists will order it for you at no minimum bottle purchase, and suggest similar products you might enjoy. From summer BBQs to wedding receptions, we can give you expert recommendations and help in finding the best combination of beers and spirits for your special events.

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