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Not everyone is familiar with the correct way to store alcohol. For a person who only buys a bottle of whiskey or wine here and there, they either finish it that day or shortly thereafter. If you’re buying a larger quantity of alcohol, though, you might find yourself with some leftover whiskey or wine sitting around the house. If the beverages you bought were inexpensive or low-end, it might not be a big deal to you if it’s left out and not stored in the ideal manner. For bottles that you may have spent more on, it’s best to store them in the correct manner so you can save them without losing flavor.

Storing in the Freezer

Liquor is often stored in the freezer. Because the freezing point of alcohol is so low, a bottle of liquor remains liquid no matter how long it is left in the freezer. When it comes to preparation for a party or social gathering, it’s ideal to put a bottle of vodka or gin in the freezer for up to an hour prior to the event. That way the liquor is chilled and makes a smoother cocktail. Although whiskey and rum can both be served chilled, typically they aren’t. Whiskey, in particular, is almost always served at room temperature.

When it comes to long-term storage, however, all of the liquors mentioned above should be placed in a freezer and kept away from light. Keeping them in the freezer will lock in the flavor of these bottles of liquor for a long time.

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Room Temperature

As mentioned, whiskey is quite often served room temperature. Even when mixed with beverages like Coca Cola, the shot is usually put over ice, with the soft drink poured on top. In the short-term, whiskey should be left at room temperature. If you need to store it for longer than just a week or so, it should be placed in the freezer.

On the other hand, scotch should never be put in the freezer. Scotch is always served at room temperature, and needs to remain at room temperature. The flavor of scotch requires being kept in a warm spot, usually away from too much light. Scotch can not only be somewhat expensive, but it’s often consumed in smaller portions, meaning you will be likely to have some left over. Remember that scotch always needs to stay at room temperature.

Generally speaking, the storage of liquor is pretty straightforward. Most liquors go in the freezer for long term storage in order to keep the flavor locked in. Keep in mind these crucial tips for storage when searching for a liquor store near me open now in Cumming, GA.

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