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When it’s time to pick your poison, you want the best-tasting liquor out there. You can find discount liquor in Winder, GA, so you can upgrade cheap liquor to great-tasting brands like Grey Goose, Patron, and Johnnie Walker, at surprisingly low prices. But what if you’re not a fan of straight liquor, no matter how barrel-aged, finely distilled, or ancient and handed-down its recipe is? Worse yet, what if you’re stuck with a cheap bottle of liquor as a bad present or because you only had $10 to drop on a bottle? Don’t let it go to waste. These are 5 great ways to make any liquor taste much better.

Use Mixers

Mixers have long been a drinker’s best friend. Do you have a favorite soda or fruit punch? Are you a fan of sweet and sour mix, even if you have no idea what’s in it? Stir in virtually any whiskey, rum, or vodka and enjoy.

Make Cocktails

Some liquor snobs claim that high-quality liquors are too fancy to be diluted into cocktails. Therefore, the opposite is true of cheap liquors you’ll find at most liquor specials. Look up a simple margarita or daiquiri recipe, or use of a variety of liquors in Long Islands, the liquor catch-all.

Cook and Bake It

If you’ve got a knack for cooking and/or baking, make use of the flavors hidden away in those bottles of liquor you don’t enjoy. Add vodka to tomato sauce, brandy or rum to baked fruit, and tequila to seafood for an amazing burst of flavor.

Add Special Touches

Do you want to impress guests with an amazing drink recipe, or just want to impress yourself for once? Is your liquor cabinet short on quality? Spruce up liquor like a true mixologist with a squeeze of lime, a dash of bitters, fresh herbs like mint and thyme, or grenadine.

Buy Better Liquor

Don’t like what you’ve got? Your best solution is to ignore the bad stuff and find better liquor for sale in your area. Plenty of stores offer discount liquor in Winder, GA. The trick is to find an outlet offering great brands at low prices. Try a better bottle and you’ll have no need for this list.

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