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There are bottles of wine that are meant to stored and saved. Some wines are meant to be served with a savory meal. Other wines are meant to be mixed with spirits! Not many people know of the amazing cocktails you can create with red, white, and sparkling wine. You can find the best places to buy wine in Gainesville, GA, with endless selections. If you’re not sure what to do with those extra bottles this season, consider these delightful cocktails to serve at your next holiday gathering. 

UK Sour

Ingredients: red wine, whiskey, scotch, lemon juice, cinnamon stick.

If you like a traditional Scotch Sour, you’ll love the divine twist of this classic cocktail. An intense, deep red wine with hints of oak will blend perfectly with a smoky scotch. Of course, any drink that contains a cinnamon stick will instantly be a holiday favorite. Serve this with a salty appetizer to bring out all the flavors.

White Port and Elderflower Tonic

Ingredients: white port wine, elderflower tonic, orange peel

Port wines are popular during the holidays and mostly served as a dessert wine. Find a nice white port with a caramel and apricot finish and mix it with tonic. The elderflower helps to tone down the sweetness from the port with herbal notes. However, feel free to get creative with any tonic flavors that you choose. This cocktail is a great digestive to close out any dinner party.

French 75

Ingredients: champagne, gin, lemon juice, simple syrup

The French 75 is a beautiful vintage cocktail that is often overlooked. It’s been around for ages for a good reason: it’s simple, refreshing, and elegant. If you’re looking for something different to make your toasts with this year, look no further. Try to find a gin with bright botanical notes. The floral aromas mixed with a brut champagne will come together in perfect balance. While most will garnish this cocktail with a lemon rind, you can twist your version up with rosemary or raspberries.

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