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beerThere’s thousands of themes to choose from for your holiday party. Ugly sweater party, holiday cookie party, and even the traditional potluck can become rather dull. Try something new this season and invite your friends, family, and maybe even some co-workers to a craft beer party. Here are some great tips to make your party a success. 

Six-Pack Per Guest

First, narrow down your guest list. Craft beer parties are perfect for 20-30 people, anything over that can become slightly overwhelming. Ask each guest to bring one six-pack of a local craft beer that they’ve never tried. Craft beer stores in Dahlonega, GA, have an amazing variety! It won’t be difficult for them to find great seasonal sales for local craft beer. Urge your guests to step out of their comfort zone and choose something interesting. Guests will enjoy finding something new and unique to try, and they provide most of what you’ll need for the soiree.

Prepare the Space

Weather permitting, your backyard is the best place for this type of gathering. You’ll need four or five large garbage cans, plastic baby pools, or giant coolers to spread across the yard. Fill each of these tubs with ice. Then, make a list of some common beer categories (lager, IPA, stout, ale, or whatever you think your friends will choose). Next, create signs of each category to place on each tub of ice. When your friends arrive with their six-pack, they can deliver it to the assigned tub. This will add a nice organizational flow to the party, and help your guests decide what they want, what is offered, and where to find it. This also makes the party especially easy for the host!

Fun Food Pairings

Find appetizers and finger foods that pair nicely with each beer. For instance, stouts make an excellent pairing with oysters. IPA’s go very well with spicy foods, such as curry, or even sweet desserts. Your guests will enjoy a celebration of flavors without having to set a table.

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