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The market for craft beer has been exploding in recent years. Decades ago, the only beers widely available were mainstream, mass-produced ones. You would regularly see commercials for them during sporting events. Most people were familiar with them, and many people were loyal to one brand in particular.

For at least the past 15 years, craft beer has been on the rise. People have been craving more unique brews, and as a result, a number of breweries have popped up across the country. Within the past few years in particular, the market has boomed. As it turns out, there are several advantages to purchasing canned craft beer.

Maintaining Quality

Although people used to think that bottles were the best form of storage for beer, that has proven to be somewhat inaccurate when it comes to craft beer. Because craft beer has a shorter shelf life, it’s best to ship it in cans, because cans are not susceptible to penetration by light. Excessive exposure to light can decrease the beverage’s unique flavor. Additionally, aluminum cans are made more efficiently now, and don’t release as many bi-products into the beverage, further helping it maintain its flavor.


All across the board, having beer in cans is more convenient. Cans are lighter than bottles, making them not only easier for the customer to transport, but for the brewery to transport as well. Cans come in six packs or 12 packs, which are usually bound together tightly and make for an easy-to-carry item. Furthermore, glass bottles are often banned from most recreational areas such as public parks or pools, whereas cans are not, meaning you have more options for where you enjoy your beverage if it’s in a can.

Environmental Impact

Since cans are lighter and more-easily shipped, that means a higher volume of them can be shipped at a time, reducing the carbon footprint involved in transportation. Cans are also recycled far more often than bottles, given how easy it is to crush them and toss them in a recycling bin.

Overall, craft beer is a booming fad, and there are a number of advantages to purchasing canned craft beer in Dahlonega, GA.


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