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Welcome Back Vermouth

Vermouth was a staple in your grandparent’s liquor cabinet. It was imported, and made in Italy. Events during WWII meant the supply of vermouth was cut off, limiting Americans ability to procure it. Recently vermouth has made a welcome resurgence in America. If you’ve never experienced Vermouth, you really should give it a taste.

Vermouth Defined

If you’re not certain what vermouth is, don’t feel embarrassed. Vermouth is wine, but not just any wine. It’s a fortified, aromatized wine. Fortified means brandy or another spirit has been added to the wine. When wine is aromatized, spices, herbs, fruits, or other natural flavorings are added to it. There is more than one type of vermouth and a variety of brands. An associate at a liquor mart in Winder, GA, will be happy to share their expertise on the different brands and tastes of vermouth.

How Do You Drink It?

Vermouth is the classic mixer. Before it became difficult to import to America, vermouth was a primary ingredient in a variety of cocktails. Vermouth is an excellent mixer for gin, rye whiskey, or Campari. Another enjoyable way to experience vermouth is to pour a couple of ounces in a glass, add an ice cube and sip. If you’re new to the experience, stop in to the best liquor store in Winder, GA, and ask for advice about which brand of vermouth is best to try.

Drink to Your Health

Other than the sheer joy of drinking this fascinating, slightly bitter, slightly sweet aperitif, vermouth may have health benefits. Doctors sometimes recommend that people drink a small amount of wine to aid in heart health. Early winemakers or vintners in Greece and Rome thought that adding steeped herbs to wine had medicinal effects and aided digestion. There are certain medical benefits to drinking red wine, so perhaps there are similar benefits to drinking vermouth.

Just Enjoy the Experience

Even if there are no proven health benefits associated with drinking vermouth, why not just drink it for the sake of enjoying the experience? Since it’s making a well-deserved comeback in America, this is an excellent time to explore different brands, and different ways to drink vermouth. Try it in a cocktail. Order a Martini, a Manhattan, or an Americano Cocktail. These are three classic cocktails that use vermouth as an ingredient. Try it alone to experience the full flavors. Either way you drink it, vermouth is sure to earn a place as a staple in your liquor cabinet-just as it did for your grandparents.


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