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Whether you’re a novice or experienced wine drinker, you’ll hear people referring to aged wines as being superior. It always sounds more impressive, doesn’t it? We’ve heard of the benefits of aging wine for so long that a 10 or 20-year-old wine just feels like it should be more delicious than a more recent vintage. Next time you’re perusing the aisle at your wine shop in Buford, GA, remember that aged wine isn’t all it seems.

The Benefits of Aged Wine

It’s all about the tannins. Tannins are a group of molecules that come from grape stems, seeds, and skins. They react with alcohol, oxygen and other molecules to subdue the more fruity, flowery flavors of wine to give it a more earthy, complex flavor. If enough time (and oxygen) isn’t given, a wine rich in tannins may taste chalky or bitter. Given time to mature, this same wine will have the complex flavor you’ve come to expect from aged wines.

Most Wines Do Not Benefit from Aging

Generally, wines are meant to be enjoyed when they’re sold. If it’s an inexpensive wine – even an excellent one – odds are it simply doesn’t have the tannin content to thrive by being stored any longer than 4 or 5 years. The combination of acidity, tannins, fruit, and alcohol has to be just right for a wine to improve with age.

Storage Matters

Wine is as sensitive to how it is stored as it is to the process by which it is produced. Whatever hope a wine has of improving with time must be assisted by proper storage techniques. Wine must be kept away from sunlight, it needs to be stored in a temperature-controlled environment between 55° and 65° Fahrenheit, and in humidity as close to 70% as possible. Even then, there’s no guarantee the wine will benefit from aging, but that’s the environment that’s most conducive to producing an excellent aged wine.

If you’re going to age wines, you need to be patient. Don’t hold onto that one expensive wine for a special occasion, pick out a few of your favorites. Talk to the experts at Jax Fine Wine & Spirits, your go-to wine store in Buford, GA, and see which wines they think are the best candidates for aging. Store them properly, and you’ll likely experience flavors you simply can’t get with an un-aged wine.


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