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One of the great things about wine (and there are many), is it’s actually pretty good for you. Enjoyed in moderation, wine fights cancer, helps with eyesight, and is great for your heart and cardiovascular system. But which wines are the healthiest? Next time you’re wine tasting in Sugar Hill, GA, keep in mind each wine’s health benefits.

Think Dry

Not only is dry wine the preferred choice of your snobbier friends, it’s also the healthiest. Dry wines are rich in antioxidants which keep your bad cholesterol levels down, preventing coronary heart disease. The dryer wines (cabernets, for instance) will have the most antioxidants, while sweeter whites and reds have the fewest.

Pinot Noirs

Resveratrol is the wonder-compound that lives in wine. Adept at fighting cancers and cardiovascular disease, it’s one of the main reasons doctors around the world finally said, “Drink more wine!” It’s generally been found that pinot noirs grown in cool rainy climates have the most resveratrol. Be sure to stick with the smaller wineries. Boutique wineries that rely on the older methods of wine making benefit by having more resveratrol – and you will too.

Malbecs and Cabernets

These wines, as well as Madirans, have the highest concentration of the antioxidant, procyanidin. A major contributor to cardiovascular and arterial health, it’s why all those wine makers in the south of France seem to live forever and look amazing while subsisting on a diet of mostly wine and cheese. Hey, it’s great work if you can get it! Malbec has the most concentration of procyanidin, so go with a Malbec next time you have a big New York steak. Your heart will thank you.

Don’t Forget the Whites

White wine doesn’t include the grape skins, and that will result in less resveratrol and a lower concentration of anti-oxidants. However, all is not lost! Research has shown that white wine is just as effective as red in lowering cholesterol, and may actually be better than red in increasing lung function.

Remember, the next time you do your weekly shopping at Jax Fine Wine & Spirits (the best wine store in Sugar Hill, GA) it’s not just your palette you’re shopping for, it’s also your health.


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