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How to Make Liquor Taste Better

When it’s time to pick your poison, you want the best-tasting liquor out there. You can find discount liquor in Winder, GA, so you can upgrade cheap liquor to great-tasting brands like Grey Goose, Patron, and Johnnie Walker, at surprisingly low prices. But what if you’re not a fan of straight liquor, no matter how barrel-aged, finely distilled, or ancient and handed-down its recipe is? Worse yet, what if you’re stuck with a cheap bottle of liquor as a bad present or because you only had $10 to drop on a bottle? Don’t let it go to waste. These are 5 great ways to make any liquor taste much better.

How to Cook Delicious Meals Using Alcohol

Cooking with wine

If you enjoy the occasional glass of wine, then you’ll probably appreciate certain recipes that use alcohol as one of the ingredients. The kids wouldn’t eat your fancy dinner anyway, so why shouldn’t you lace your Bolognese sauce with red wine? But before you start cooking with alcohol, you must understand how it works.

How to Throw a House Party

Party 2

Whether you’re celebrating the holidays or watching the big game, your local liquor shop in Alpharetta has everything you need. Check out these tips from Jax Fine Wines & Spirits to help you throw your next house party.

The Right Way of Storing Liquor

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Not everyone is familiar with the correct way to store alcohol. For a person who only buys a bottle of whiskey or wine here and there, they either finish it that day or shortly thereafter. If you’re buying a larger quantity of alcohol, though, you might find yourself with some leftover whiskey or wine sitting around the house. If the beverages you bought were inexpensive or low-end, it might not be a big deal to you if it’s left out and not stored in the ideal manner. For bottles that you may have spent more on, it’s best to store them in the correct manner so you can save them without losing flavor.

Choosing the Right Beer for Your Upcoming BBQ Party

BBQs are a great excuse to bust out the grill, put out platefuls of chips and dip, charbroil different types of meat, and pull chilled beer out of your fridge. Coordinate the flavors in your BBQ food menu with these beers to round out your meals’ flavors and give your guests some amazing beer pairings to talk about.

Holiday Party Liquor: How to Stock a Bar

The holidays are on their way, so it’s time to start putting serious thought into how you will host your next party. Nearly all adults will expect great beverages at your party, including the best craft beer you can get. Where do you find local craft beer in Dawsonville, GA? Also, what else should go in your holiday bar besides a bucket of beer? What type of holiday bar actually impresses your guests and makes you look like a pro? Here’s what you need to know.

A Toast to Beaujolais Nouveau!

The 2017 release of Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau is the 35th in America, which is quite impressive for a European wine.  This producer, for the most part, put this wine on the map by massively promoting it decades ago.  It is now on the radar of most every wine retailer in the United States.  Americans drink over one million bottles of this young and festive wine each year.

The story behind the origins of Beaujolais Nouveau begins in France in the early 1800s.  Beaujolais grape-growers would celebrate each year’s harvest by drinking some of the young wine that was just made.  The wine was then meant only for local consumption.  It wasn’t until World World II, after the Beaujolais AOC was established, that the wine could officially be sold and distributed on December 15th of each year.  In 1951, the release date of the wine was moved forward to November 15th, and then finally in 1985, the current law was amended to release the wine on the third Thursday of November each year, just in time for a pre-Thanksgiving weekend of sales in the United States.  It is customary to export and distribute the wine prior to this day so that retailers can have the wine available for purchase by the start of the official business day.

Craft Beer Is Too Good to Pass Up

Over the past few decades, the United States has witnessed an absolute explosion of craft brews. There has been no less of a push for craft beer in Dahlonega, GA. There is a reason that you see new brews popping up all over the place. They are great! If they weren’t, would the big boys be doing things like launching brewing contests to come up with microbrew knockoffs? They know that craft beer is going to take over the market and here are the reasons why.

A Brief Guide to Selecting Dessert Wines

It seems that most people these days prefer a dry wine. But, if you have yet to try a good dessert wine, then you’re missing out on an incredible after-dinner experience. When properly paired with a delicious dessert, a sweet wine can make for a wonderful evening. Here is a quick guide to the different kinds of dessert wines to help you choose one for your special evening from the best wine store in Alpharetta.