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A Large Selection of Liquor Varieties

JAX Beverage SuperstoreAt JAX Beverage Superstore, we always have special offers when you come to buy from our liquor store based in Braselton, GA. We carry a large selection of liquor varieties from well-known brands. From Scotland to Spain, our liquor list has something to please everyone! Whether you are an established bourbon lover, looking for something new and exciting, or just looking for a nice bottle of Scotch whiskey to serve a special guest, our liquor specials has something delightful to offer.


Cask & Crew

Why a 51/49 blend?
Rye Whiskey is bold, robust, spicy, and slightly dry. Corn whiskey is sweet and full bodied. By combining the two in nearly even parts, the experience is smooth yet profoundly flavorful.

Defining small batch
For batch 1 of each variety, we had a total of 19 barrels tapped to achieve our 1500 gallon batch sizes. That’s roughly 7500 bottles each.

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Come to our store to take advantage of our new liquor arrivals. Call us for more details.