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Beer Cocktails You Need to Try This Winter


The best part about the booming craft beer industry is the seasonal specials. You look forward to these delicious brews every year. Now, it’s time to spice up your happy hour with some winter beer cocktails. Find amazing selections and buy craft beer in Dawsonville, GA, to blend with your favorite spirits. Check out these tasty recipes for your holiday party! 

How to Plan a Craft Beer Party

beerThere’s thousands of themes to choose from for your holiday party. Ugly sweater party, holiday cookie party, and even the traditional potluck can become rather dull. Try something new this season and invite your friends, family, and maybe even some co-workers to a craft beer party. Here are some great tips to make your party a success. 

Choosing the Right Beer for Your Upcoming BBQ Party

BBQs are a great excuse to bust out the grill, put out platefuls of chips and dip, charbroil different types of meat, and pull chilled beer out of your fridge. Coordinate the flavors in your BBQ food menu with these beers to round out your meals’ flavors and give your guests some amazing beer pairings to talk about.

Craft Beer vs Regular Beer

Are you considering making the switch to craft beer in Lawrenceville, GA? Check out these differences between craft beer and regular beer.

Alcohol by Volume (ABV): Regular beers tend to be on the lighter side when it comes to ABV. In fact, light beers may have as little as 2.5% ABV. On the other hand, craft beers don’t skimp on their alcohol percentages. The average ABV range for craft beers in 5-10%. However, there are some craft beers that have an ABV as high as 40%.

The Benefits of Craft Beer

Have you tried a craft beer beverage? If not, you’re missing out on great taste and a more authentic experience. Craft beer in Dahlonega, GA, makes hanging out with friends or celebrating a special occasion all the more special. Check out these 5 reasons to buy local craft beers today.

Choosing the Best Beers for Fall

The changing of the leaves and dropping of temperatures bring a lot of great community experiences to our lives, and few are more satisfying than adding a great-tasting beer to the equation. On those cool nights, you want to have a beer that’s got flavor and strength to it, as fall temperatures warrant something with a lot more body than a lager. If it’s got the flavors of fall to it as well, that’s even better. 

Choosing Craft Beer for Special Occasions

For a true beer lover, there’s nothing like a good craft brew to really celebrate a special occasion. There’s just something about a craft beer that makes an event feel like it’s more than just a regular occurrence, and the uniqueness of the brew offers a taste and experience that a standard draft beer simply cannot match. However, choosing the right beer requires some extra thought, which goes hand-in-hand with planning for a special occasion. Here are a few ways to find the right one.

How to Taste Craft Beer Like a Pro

Before heading to your favorite craft beer shop, you should first learn how to taste it like a pro. Prepare to engage all of your senses in a delightful experience of your chosen artisan beer. Here are some tips to try to enrich your skill in craft beer tasting in Lawrenceville, GA.

Tips for Creating Great Craft Beer and Food Pairings

As craft beer connoisseurs already know, beer comes in a wide variety of flavors, characters, and origins. And like wine, beer can be paired with food in ways that will enhance any meal. In fact, many experts say beer is quickly becoming the beverage of choice in fine restaurants and casual pubs alike.