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How to Throw a House Party

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Whether you’re celebrating the holidays or watching the big game, your local liquor shop in Alpharetta has everything you need. Check out these tips from Jax Fine Wines & Spirits to help you throw your next house party.

The Right Way of Storing Liquor

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Not everyone is familiar with the correct way to store alcohol. For a person who only buys a bottle of whiskey or wine here and there, they either finish it that day or shortly thereafter. If you’re buying a larger quantity of alcohol, though, you might find yourself with some leftover whiskey or wine sitting around the house. If the beverages you bought were inexpensive or low-end, it might not be a big deal to you if it’s left out and not stored in the ideal manner. For bottles that you may have spent more on, it’s best to store them in the correct manner so you can save them without losing flavor.

Holiday Party Liquor: How to Stock a Bar

The holidays are on their way, so it’s time to start putting serious thought into how you will host your next party. Nearly all adults will expect great beverages at your party, including the best craft beer you can get. Where do you find local craft beer in Dawsonville, GA? Also, what else should go in your holiday bar besides a bucket of beer? What type of holiday bar actually impresses your guests and makes you look like a pro? Here’s what you need to know.

Popular Mixed Drinks for Chilly Weather

Baby, it’s cold outside! Well, maybe not yet, but it will be soon. Don’t wait for Jack Frost to creep up on you before starting that internet search for a “discounted liquor store near me open now in Gainesville, GA.” Instead, plan ahead to try these cool weather favorites:

How to Buy Your Own Private Barrel of Bourbon

If you’re like most people, you’re probably a little surprised to find out that many whiskey distillers are now allowing the general public to purchase hand-picked barrels of bourbon. Usually sold to customers for use in large gatherings or events, or perhaps as to give away as extravagant gifts, the practice is anything but standard yet. This offering has recently made pilgrimages to bourbon country, a.k.a. Kentucky, a must-do for the hardcore whiskey enthusiast. How can you go about buying a barrel of bourbon? The process is complicated and expensive.

The Best Cocktails You Can Make at Home

Going out for drinks with friends can be great fun, but sometimes you want an easy, relaxing night in. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice delicious drinks and cocktails when you choose a gathering at home over hitting the bars.

Top 10 Vodka Jell-O Shots Ideas

Is there a better way to please a crowd than with Jell-O shots? We think not! These sweet but explosive little treats will always add a jubilant touch to your gathering. Next time you stock up on wine in Alpharetta, grab a few bottles of vodka and take your pick from these must try recipes.

Top 5 Rum Cocktails You Need to Try This Weekend

Rum cocktails are the perfect for the weekend. Rum is just the right balance of light sweetness and potent strength to help you relax and unwind after a difficult or busy week. A good liquor shop should carry a wide variety of rum brands for you to try, or maybe an old favorite of yours. Once you find high-quality liquor in Buford, GA, you can try out some excellent cocktail recipes. Here are 5 cocktails that are perfect for a relaxing weekend and are just versatile enough for any adult to enjoy.

Best Rum Recipes for a Cocktail Party

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum! You’re never without rum at a cocktail party you’re hosting. This popular and versatile beverage can be used in numerous drink recipes, some famous and some that are more obscure. Before you head out to stock up your bar with the best liquor specials in Dacula, GA, check out these rum drink recipes that you can impress your guests with at your next get-together!

Top Reasons Why Brandy Is the Perfect Winter Beverage

According to culinary and drink experts, brandy sales are hitting an all-time high in the American market. Premium bottle sales increased by 340% between 2002 and 2015, and there’s no sign that sales will be slowing down anytime soon. Consumers are exploring classic cocktail culture these days, and brandy is a key ingredient in many of those popular recipes, which include the Metropolitan, the Sidecar, and the Brandy Alexander, to name a few. Because brandy is the perfect spirit for cold weather, it’s a good time to stock up on this popular spirit from a Winder, GA liquor retailer.