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Top Rum Cocktails You Need to Try This Weekend

It’s the weekend and your time to snuggle up with a book and a rum cocktail. If you’re not the bookish type, then call a friend, put on the glitz, and whip up a few of these classic rum cocktails. If it’s late at night and you’ve just been inspired to start creating a special rum concoction, get your phone out and pop in the words “liquor store near me open now in Dacula.” Go get your ingredients and start the fun.

The Benefits of Drinking Vermouth

Welcome Back Vermouth

Vermouth was a staple in your grandparent’s liquor cabinet. It was imported, and made in Italy. Events during WWII meant the supply of vermouth was cut off, limiting Americans ability to procure it. Recently vermouth has made a welcome resurgence in America. If you’ve never experienced Vermouth, you really should give it a taste.

8 Reasons to Buy Liquor from a Licensed Store

When you’re ready to purchase liquor, your wisest choice is to buy from a licensed store. While there might be some temptations to do otherwise, you’ll find some serious drawbacks in purchasing adult beverages from other sources. Here are the 8 biggest reasons why it’s best to buy from licensed stores.

Mixed Drinks for Your Next Party

When you’re hosting a party, chances are you’d rather be dancing or mingling with your guests than standing behind the bar making drinks one at a time. Fortunately, there are a few mixed drinks you can make in large batches that can be served in bulk, eliminating the need to hire a bartender or stand in as your own mixologist. Try one of these at your next get-together and enjoy your party, without worrying about creating individual cocktails.

The Top Tequilas That You Need to Try

When you go out to a bar with friends, you want to be educated on the type of liquor you’re drinking. Become a tequila expert is surprisingly easy, and can be achieved by exploring the drink’s aging processes and tasting some of the top tequilas in the industry.

10 Signature Drinks You Can Serve at Your Party

You’re hosting a party for a few friends, or celebrating with a big group. As you plan your menu of appetizers and main dishes, don’t forget to put some thought into what your guests will be drinking. Putting a few signature drinks on the menu is helpful to any host. Instead of winging it at the bar with the standard spirits, plan ahead and push for some interesting cocktails. Making the shopping list is a lot easier when you have direction. And remember, signature drinks are supposed to be a reflection of you and the purpose of the party. Be creative and express yourself through your drink menu! Here are 10 signature drinks to try for your next fiesta! 

Best Liquor You Should Try This New Year

Counting down till midnight on New Year’s Eve is usually accompanied by a flute of champagne or a gin and tonic. But those drinks, while classic, aren’t as interesting or unusual as the latest liquors and mixed drinks on the market. This year, try something more adventurous and kick off the new year right.

How to Make Liquor Taste Better

When it’s time to pick your poison, you want the best-tasting liquor out there. You can find discount liquor in Winder, GA, so you can upgrade cheap liquor to great-tasting brands like Grey Goose, Patron, and Johnnie Walker, at surprisingly low prices. But what if you’re not a fan of straight liquor, no matter how barrel-aged, finely distilled, or ancient and handed-down its recipe is? Worse yet, what if you’re stuck with a cheap bottle of liquor as a bad present or because you only had $10 to drop on a bottle? Don’t let it go to waste. These are 5 great ways to make any liquor taste much better.

How to Throw a House Party

Party 2

Whether you’re celebrating the holidays or watching the big game, your local liquor shop in Alpharetta has everything you need. Check out these tips from Jax Fine Wines & Spirits to help you throw your next house party.

The Right Way of Storing Liquor

Liquor 1

Not everyone is familiar with the correct way to store alcohol. For a person who only buys a bottle of whiskey or wine here and there, they either finish it that day or shortly thereafter. If you’re buying a larger quantity of alcohol, though, you might find yourself with some leftover whiskey or wine sitting around the house. If the beverages you bought were inexpensive or low-end, it might not be a big deal to you if it’s left out and not stored in the ideal manner. For bottles that you may have spent more on, it’s best to store them in the correct manner so you can save them without losing flavor.