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What Are the Benefits of Decanting Wine?

The process of decanting wine used to be a practice only popular amongst connoisseurs and vintage wine collectors. Thankfully, this process has now been adopted by most wine drinkers, rightfully so. Decanting is simply the process of pouring wine from the bottle into another container. You may have a fancy decanter somewhere around the house, but any other vessel will do. The purpose of the transference is to allow the wine to be exposed to oxygen, which is why you’ll often hear the word “aerate” when discussing decanting. You’re letting the wine breathe. 

How Does Tannin Affect Wine’s Taste?

Many wine drinkers will be attracted to a certain wine, grape, or region, but have a hard time explaining why. You’ll use certain words as “intense,” “bold,” “sweet,” or “earthy.” These are common characteristics that most people can identify. However, tannins are often used as descriptors, but many people have no idea what they are and how they affect wine’s taste. 

Mixed Drinks for Your Next Party

When you’re hosting a party, chances are you’d rather be dancing or mingling with your guests than standing behind the bar making drinks one at a time. Fortunately, there are a few mixed drinks you can make in large batches that can be served in bulk, eliminating the need to hire a bartender or stand in as your own mixologist. Try one of these at your next get-together and enjoy your party, without worrying about creating individual cocktails.

The Top Tequilas That You Need to Try

When you go out to a bar with friends, you want to be educated on the type of liquor you’re drinking. Become a tequila expert is surprisingly easy, and can be achieved by exploring the drink’s aging processes and tasting some of the top tequilas in the industry.

10 Signature Drinks You Can Serve at Your Party

You’re hosting a party for a few friends, or celebrating with a big group. As you plan your menu of appetizers and main dishes, don’t forget to put some thought into what your guests will be drinking. Putting a few signature drinks on the menu is helpful to any host. Instead of winging it at the bar with the standard spirits, plan ahead and push for some interesting cocktails. Making the shopping list is a lot easier when you have direction. And remember, signature drinks are supposed to be a reflection of you and the purpose of the party. Be creative and express yourself through your drink menu! Here are 10 signature drinks to try for your next fiesta! 

Best Liquor You Should Try This New Year

Counting down till midnight on New Year’s Eve is usually accompanied by a flute of champagne or a gin and tonic. But those drinks, while classic, aren’t as interesting or unusual as the latest liquors and mixed drinks on the market. This year, try something more adventurous and kick off the new year right.

Beer Cocktails You Need to Try This Winter


The best part about the booming craft beer industry is the seasonal specials. You look forward to these delicious brews every year. Now, it’s time to spice up your happy hour with some winter beer cocktails. Find amazing selections and buy craft beer in Dawsonville, GA, to blend with your favorite spirits. Check out these tasty recipes for your holiday party! 

How to Plan a Craft Beer Party

beerThere’s thousands of themes to choose from for your holiday party. Ugly sweater party, holiday cookie party, and even the traditional potluck can become rather dull. Try something new this season and invite your friends, family, and maybe even some co-workers to a craft beer party. Here are some great tips to make your party a success. 

Holiday Cocktails Made with Wine


There are bottles of wine that are meant to stored and saved. Some wines are meant to be served with a savory meal. Other wines are meant to be mixed with spirits! Not many people know of the amazing cocktails you can create with red, white, and sparkling wine. You can find the best places to buy wine in Gainesville, GA, with endless selections. If you’re not sure what to do with those extra bottles this season, consider these delightful cocktails to serve at your next holiday gathering. 

Wine Tasting Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts

Wine tastings in Buford, GA, are a great way to learn more about your personal palette. No matter if you are a pro or a novice, this gives you the opportunity to try new wines and see what you like. However, if you have never been to a wine tasting before, it may seem like an overwhelming experience. Here are a few dos and don’ts of wine etiquette to help you feel more comfortable at your first tasting.