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Serving Buford, GA

Jax Fine Wine & Spirits serving Buford, GA

At our Jax location serving Buford, GA, the chances are good that we have what you’re looking for. We offer over 3,000 wines, over 1,000 spirits, and hundreds of different types of beers in our vast warehouses for our customers to choose from. Not only do we have options, but we have a friendly and deeply knowledgeable staff available to answer questions and to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. They can help you feel confident about whatever you choose, and guide you toward new and interesting wine and spirit options to suite your tastes.

Taste and Tell

There are so many different selections at Jax that it can easily feel overwhelming. To help our customers get more familiar with different wines and beers that we offer, we host regular free tasting events so that you can sample something new. Our tasting events are great fun, highly educational, and a great opportunity to go on an adventure of the palate to try something different. Come join us at our next tasting event, where you may end up discovering your new favorite drink!

Regular Sales and Discounts

We always have inventory cycling through our store, which means that we also have regular sales and specials to hit certain items on our shelves. These regular sales mean that you get the opportunity to purchase some of your favorite wines, liquors and beers at lower prices, or it may inspire you to try something new. Our website lets you know when to expect sales and upcoming tasting events.

If online shopping is your style, there are some exclusive sales through our website that make it the best place to find wine online—as well as beers and liquors. For easy access to our wide selection and our sale prices, check back at our website regularly to see what we’re offering.

The Best Service, Guaranteed

The Jax Fine Wine & Spirits team really makes sure that our customers feel welcome, heard, and open to ask questions. Our team is on hand to be mini-experts on everything from flavor combinations for great cocktails to what aging and techniques goes into making that perfectly complex wine flavor. Whether simple or in-depth, they can answer your questions, and they love helping customers discover a new brew or vintage flavor to try based on their preferences.

To learn more, check out our selection online, or come visit us today at our Cumming, GA, location, and see what our excellent staff and wide selection of wares have to offer. For Special Orders or Questions, Contact Us Today!

Check back, our Braselton location is Coming Soon!