Amaro Lucano


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It would bring me immense pleasure to disclose to all the recipe of my Amaro Lucano, but truly I cannot, I could not, certainly not! I have sworn an oath of the utmost solemnity, that this recipe be bequeathed from father to son, as is fitting for the most precious inheritances.

What of this marvelous bitters am I permitted to reveal? Allow me to divulge: it contains the essence of more than 30 herbs, a symphony of flavors to which its unique taste - both delicately balanced and invigorating - can be attributed. In this blend you should detect, provided that you possess the full use and benefit of your nose and palate of course, floral notes, a whisper of citrus... among others... I cannot bring myself to disclose anything further!

The recipe resides solely within my mind, where it shall remain. I boast already a remarkable amount of memory - at least a terabyte in my estimation! There is not one word to be found of my recipe in any scroll or manuscript, no Instagram oeuvre can broadcast its secrets - a fact that all food bloggers shall have to swallow! But fret not, foodies and friends, you need not attain the arcane in order to savor the flavor.