Asbach Uralt

Asbach Uralt


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COLOR: amber with hint of copper

NOSE: a vanilla flavor with hints of cocoa and fine wood

PALATE: a first rather dry taste of dried fruits is followed by a subtle light sweetness, an palatable pepperiness accompanied by restrained chocolate and coffee notes

FINISH: subtle notes of oak wood, warming

Asbach Urbrand was Hugo Asbach’s first creation. He crafted this masterpiece of his great distiller’s art in 1892: a full-bodied brandy of 40% alcohol by volume with a fantastic bouquet, a unique aroma and unmistakable taste that immediately delight.

Asbach Urbrand is available today in the innovative, practical 0.02 l single-portion bottle in a package of three or an attractive package of 12 as well as in the 0.35 l and the ideal 0.1 l hip flask.