Batiste Silver Rum

Batiste Silver Rum


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Batiste Rhum Ecoiste is cleaner, more versatile, and pleasing than any rum you've ever tasted. It starts in the Caribbean on a farm that's been growing sugar since 1769. The cane is pressed into juice and distilled at an Eco-Positive facility before coming to California for finishing and bottling.

Ecoiste is our driving force and encapsulates how we think: Better for the Earth, Better for You.

Better for the Earth is harvesting a perennial plant that absorbs carbon dioxide, a solar farm and bio-mass (i.e. discarded cane stalks) boiler powering everything, and recycling leftovers. It's also always improving, using a vacuum still at low temperatures to keep pure island taste while using less energy.

Better for You is the simplest, best, and cleanest ingredients. Silver is made from sugar cane juice, yeast, and water. Gold is the same except aged in rye whiskey barrels.

Batiste is how rum was meant to be. Try it, and join in the Rhumness!