BG Reynolds Falernum Tropical Syrup

BG Reynolds Falernum Tropical Syrup


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Close your eyes right now and think of your paradise. No really, try it. Seeing those beaches? Maybe a light breeze carrying the salt and sand? Perhaps even a hammock or two? You can open your eyes again. Or hey, keep them closed—meditation is always a good addition to the day.

Now, we can’t pay for your plane ticket to that paradise. We know, such a tease. But what we can do is bring you this outstanding Falernum and all of its tropical flair. Blair worked relentlessly to make a Falernum with just the right combination of ginger, clove, almond, and fresh lime, and the rest of us think he kind of nailed it.

But don’t take our word for it. Try this with your next Bermuda Rum Swizzle, Frosty Dawn, or Puka Punch cocktail. Try it with your next cola or tonic. Hell, try it over a bit of ice, just to see what Charles Dickens was obsessing about so much back in the 19th Century. Whether it’s your fiftieth cocktail prepared at the bar for your customers or your first cocktail to kick off your house party, Falernum will transport you to that paradise without making you deal with Delta employees.