El Dorado 25 Year Grand Special Reserve Rum

El Dorado 25 Year Grand Special Reserve Rum


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This rum is rich, smooth, and mellow with a soft, syrupy mouth-feel and subtle notes of caramel and heavy fruit cake. An after-dinner treat for sipping slowly and sparingly. A very limited edition for the connoisseur who appreciates the best in the world of spirits.

This exquisite vintage rum possesses a silky smoothness which challenges the oldest cognac. The constant ambient warmth and tropical conditions of Demerara dramatically hasten the maturation process – producing a spirit that is the equivalent of one aged for many more years in a cooler climate.

An extremely rare creature and a rare experience to savor. Created to mark the turn of the millennium, 25 Year Old Vintage Reserve is presented in an appropriately distinctive decanter to treasure or to give with pleasure.