Nino Franco Rustico Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore

Nino Franco Rustico Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore


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The word ‘Rustico’ dates back to an old winemaking tradition where Prosecco was made using a short second fermentation in the bottle and leaving the sediments in the wine. Although no longer the technique, the name ‘Rustico’ has remained as a reflection of quality and tradition.

Color: Straw-colored, bright

Aroma: Very fine, persistent, pleasant, crisp, fruity and flowery.

Taste: Creamy, refreshing and balanced.

Alcohol: 11%

Food Pairing: The perfect aperitif and a great way to start out any meal. A wonderful companion to buffalo mozzarella cheese served with olives and crostini. It also has enough body to be served beyond appetizers and is a nice accompaniment to risotto or pasta dishes with vegetables or seafood.

Pairs with Apéritif, Mild and Soft Cheese, Risotto, Pasta, Vegetarian, Seafood