Schladerer Himbeergeist Raspberry Brandy

Schladerer Himbeergeist Raspberry Brandy


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The tiny, aromatic berries from the heights of the Carpathian Mountains are picked by hand before being cooled immediately and transported in this chilled state to Staufen within two days. Thanks to the properties of the soil, the climate and the proportion of pulp to sugar, these wild raspberries have a truly unique taste.

Nose: Very aromatic, delicately fruity and clean. Fine and elegant with a clearly defined raspberry aroma and very subtle hints of dried wild flowers and hay.

Palate: Intense and very pure. Besides the fruit flavor, very delicate nuances of mint and basil come through. Very aromatic with a lingering aftertaste, leaving a pure, cool feel in the mouth.

Recommendation: Delicious enjoyed neat. Also an ideal addition to a raspberry sorbet, served with a sprig of mint if desired.